Adoption and Use

NIEM as a data model and as a partnership between DOJ and DHS is rapidly maturing in many ways. The goal of NIEM is to enable information sharing across boundaries and create new opportunities to collaborate and ensure that critical decision makers always have the most accurate and up-to-date information possible. There are many examples of success stories about agencies using NIEM to meet this goal, while incurring time and cost savings to implement. These stories should be shared as examples of how NIEM can bring about positive change in the utilization of technology; however, those benefits can also come from being aware of projects in the planning or early implementation stages or simply those that are conceptual and are looking for partners to engage before beginning a project. For this reason, all levels of NIEM adoption are included in discussion involving NIEM adoption and use, as well as relevant contact information, so that this resource can also serve as a means for collaborating with peer jurisdictions at the state or national level.

NIEM Adoption Map

The NIEM Adoption Map accessible at the NIEM website ( is meant to illustrate examples of adoption of the National Information Exchange Model across the country.  These projects include both development efforts, such as Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD), and end-user access to NIEM-enabled systems, such as Federal information sharing sources.

The NIEM organizers strive to keep this information up to date and relevant. However, if you believe that a specific piece of information is not currently available and should be included, please let us know by using the Contact Us form or by contacting NIEM directly at