Criminal Intelligence Resources Guide

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Consolidated listing of criminal intelligence products and resources.

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Formal Document Title Criminal Intelligence Resources Guide
Author Criminal Intelligence Coordinating Council
Last Revision Date 7/31/2012
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DHS/DOJ Privacy and Civil Liberties Web Portal
Through a joint effort among DHS, DOJ, and BJA, this collaborative Web portal, accessible at, provides access to a wide range of resources and training materials available in the Information Sharing Environment that address privacy and civil liberties protections, including many of the Global products described within this overview. Although originally intended for fusion center use, these resources can ...
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Establishing a Privacy Officer Function Within a Justice or Public Safety Entity: Recommended Responsibilities and Training
A privacy policy is a written, published statement that articulates the policy position of an organization on how it handles the personally identifiable information and other personal, sensitive information it seeks or receives and uses in the normal course of business.  A privacy policy protects the agency, the individual, and the public; and contributes to public trust and confidence that the justice system understands its role ...
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Fusion Center Privacy Policy Development: Privacy, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties Policy Template
The FC Privacy Template was developed by DOJ in collaboration with DHS in the joint DHS/DOJ Fusion Process Technical Assistance Program. This template was designed specifically to assist fusion center personnel in developing a privacy policy related to the information, intelligence, and suspicious activity report (SAR) information the center gathers, collects, receives, maintains, archives, accesses, discloses, and disseminates to ...
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Global Privacy Resources Booklet
Thanks to the great work by the U.S. Department of Justice's (DOJ) Global, Global partners, and through DOJ collaborations with other federal agencies, there are a variety of privacy awareness, policy development, and implementation products available to the justice community today. To help these agencies know which privacy product(s) to use when and for what purpose, Global has published a roadmap for navigating through these ...
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Baseline Capabilities for State and Major Urban Area Fusion Centers
Provides fusion centers with the baseline capabilities and operational guidelines necessary to achieve each of the capabilities. By achieving a baseline level of capability, a fusion center will have the necessary structures, processes, and tools in place to support the gathering, processing, analysis, and dissemination of terrorism, homeland security, and law enforcement information. The capabilities also assist in ensuring that ...
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Information Quality: The Foundation for Justice Decision Making
This document provides an overview of information quality; problems associated with it; and its framework, dimensions, and scenarios.  It also explains what can be done to promote information quality within electronic data exchanges.
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9 Elements of an Information Quality Program
Developed for high-level, managerial, and administrative personnel within an organization, 9 Elements of an Information Quality Program provides a brief outline of the nine key steps that should be followed when developing and implementing an agencywide information quality (IQ) program.

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