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Case Study: Charlotte-Mecklenburg, North Carolina, Police Department

The Charlotte–Mecklenburg Police Department’s (CMPD) law enforcement philosophy is focused on effective crime control and a strong community presence, enhanced through the integration of crime analysis and technologically advanced systems that increase the effectiveness of the department. CMPD has a nationwide reputation for expanding and innovative use of technology in policing and has been recognized at national conferences and in major law enforcement publications. To further enhance CMPD’s capabilities for solving crime in real time, CMPD requested funding to develop a toolkit, including the purchase of software technology that further integrated the situational awareness provided by the Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) with the data-driven capabilities of CMPD’s Crime Analysis Division (CAD). The development of an RTCC toolkit and technology allowed CMPD and other agencies to proactively identify and respond to crime and disorder concerns and threats and to increase the speed and effectiveness of RTCC operations. The toolkit includes provides a blueprint and supportive documents that can assist law enforcement agencies that are starting, or further developing, an RTCC (which may include potentially integrating a crime analysis division/unit). Agencies that use the toolkit will be able to further expand and enhance their crime analysis capabilities by establishing an RTCC.

Published: 2017