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Global Advisory Committee (GAC) Meeting - Fall 2016 Meeting Highlights

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On November 29−30, premier leaders and practitioners from across the justice landscape convened for the Fall 2016 Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative (Global) Advisory Committee (GAC, Committee) Meeting. To maximize resources and provide opportunities for Global engagement by an even greater range of subject-matter experts (SME), the majority of hands-on Committee efforts are conducted virtually. However, once a year, this collaborative Federal Advisory Committee, under the long-standing guidance and support of the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), meets face-to-face to highlight innovative technology and policy practices and resources, support replication of promising projects and solutions, and prioritize national issues that can be advanced through better justice information and intelligence sharing and coordination. The long-standing volunteer commitment of this collective of the best and brightest justice and public safety executives, practitioners, and key stakeholders (including industry) from all levels of government continues to advance tenets of BJA’s and the DOJ’s missions: to ensure public safety against threats foreign and domestic, to provide federal leadership in preventing and controlling crime, and—ultimately—to make our nation’s communities safer. Highlights from the fall 2016 GAC meeting agenda included:

  • Welcoming new members;
  • Exploring national justice priorities;
  • Receiving updates on key justice information and intelligence sharing activities;
  • Promoting new Global-supported resources for the field;
  • Conducting Global business (including initiating the 2017 GAC leadership elections cycle); and,
  • Providing engagement opportunities through several membership roundtables.

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Formal Document Title Global Advisory Committee (GAC) Meeting - Fall 2016 Meeting Highlights
Author Global Advisory Committee members (summary assembled by staff from meeting notes)
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