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GAC Summer 2014 Summary

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On June 23 in Washington, DC, Global Advisory Committee (GAC) representatives from over 30 premier state, local, and tribal justice organizations joined federal sponsors, partners, and guests to tackle today’s justice and public safety challenges facing our neighborhoods and nation through more effective, efficient, and appropriate justice information sharing (JIS). The meeting’s theme was “Global in Action,” shaped by presenters from seven BJA-funded JIS pilot sites. These innovative practitioners are tackling diverse issues—from recidivism to combatting gun crimes to enhancing services for troubled youth—with strategies emphasizing Global’s range of technical and policy standards, solutions, and best practices. By translating recommendations into promising and successful implementations, these teams demonstrated the real-world value of years of GAC work and set the stage for future Global efforts. This meeting summary provides hyperlink access to valuable information and resources, including: * Individual JIS Pilot Site’s Fact Sheets (great summaries of each of these exciting projects); and, * Two newly-released Global solutions: -- Video Evidence: A Law Enforcement Guide to Resources and Best Practices -- Establishing a Privacy Officer Function Within a Justice or Public Safety Entity: Recommended Responsibilities and Training For the full range of BJA-supported Global solutions, explore the Global Information Sharing Toolkit (GIST) at For more about Global, including invitations to upcoming GAC Meetings (these events are open to the public), please contact

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