Arrest/Incident IEPD

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This is a reference document illustrating how the XML schemas were used in authoring an Arrest/Incident record. Note: This is NOT an operational document; it is only a reference document to assist developers with authoring tools to understand XML complex types, etc. When locally required components do not exist in the JXDD, users can use XML Schema’s “xsd:extension” construct to add new elements as necessary. This draft contains no implementations or functionality. It is based on real-world documents that are exchanged between systems. It consists of XML code, readable using software such as Notepad.

NIEM/GJXDM Version: GJXDM 3.0.0

Participating Organizations: Los Angeles County Sheriff

Date submitted: Jan 19, 2006

NIEM Domains
Primary Contact
Scott Edson
562 345 4305
Los Angeles County Sheriff (LASD)
12440 E. Imperial Hwy, Suite 650
Norwalk, California, 90650
United States