Offender Status Change Notification (OSCN)

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The Offender Status Change Notification is intended to be used by Corrections or Jail when notifying another agency that a convicted offender is scheduled to undergo or has undergone a status change. The IEP is intentionally designed to be over-encompassing. This means that this IEP can be used to notify several agencies or stakeholders (Law Enforcement, Victim's Services, Courts, Corrections, etc) of virtually any type of status change relating to an offender.

NIEM/GJXDM Version: GJXDM 3.0.3

Participating Organizations: NLECTC-NE, NLECTC-SE, SEARCH, Vermont Department of Corrections, Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Virginia Department of Corrections, New York City Department of Corrections, New Mexico Department of Corrections, Arkansas Department of Community Corrections, Wisconsin Department of Corrections, Florida Department of Corrections, Kansas Parole Board, Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, Minnesota Department of Corrections

Date submitted: Mar 9, 2006

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