Prosecutor Subpoena

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This is a reference document designed to establish a national baseline of GJXDM- compliant prosecution information exchanges related to Subpoena events and conditions. This document offers assistance in the authoring of XML-based, GJXDM compliant, charging-related, information exchanges originated by prosecution systems and supporting offices and includes the following artifacts; 1. GJXDM Subschema 2. Extension Schema 3. Document Schema 4. Data Model Diagram 5. XML Mappings 6. GIEP Description

NIEM/GJXDM Version: GJXDM 3.0.2

Participating Organizations: Aaron Gorrell on behalf of the IJIS Institute and the following IJIS Institute Prosecution Reference Standards Committee members;, Michaela Mathews of Nashville DA Office, Carla Robinson of Jefferson County, WI DA Office, Kathy Carpenter of riley County, KS DA Office, Barry Haldiman of NCSC Johnson County District Courts, Christopher Smith of California Office of Courts, Scott Edson of LA Sheriffs Department, John Goergen of Michigan Prosecuting Attorney’s Council, Mark Perbix of Colorado CJIS, Scott Coplan of Coplan & Company, Max Barfuss of New Dawn Technologies, Nancy LaPlaca of MTG Management Consultants, Sharad Rao of Tetrus Consulting Group, Suzette McLeod of IJIS Institute

Date submitted: Apr 3, 2006

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