External Alarm Interface IEPD 3.0

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The purpose of the External Alarm Interface 3.0 documentation is to provide a standard data exchange for electronically transmitting information between an Alarm Monitoring Company and a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). There are three primary uses for this IEPD: Initial notification of an alarm event; Bi-directional update of status between an alarm monitoring company and the PSAP; and Bi-directional update of other events between an alarm monitoring company and a PSAP. This exchange eliminates the need for a PSAP to rekey information already captured via a system in the alarm monitoring station. (This IEPD is endorsed by the Central Station Alarm Association as the standard for data exchange between alarm monitoring stations and PSAPs.)

NIEM/GJXDM Version: NIEM 2.0

Participating Organizations: VERSION 3.0, Work Group: US DOJ, BJA; IJIS Institute; Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO); Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA); City of Richmond VA; and Waterhole Software., Project Committee (Public Safety Data Interoperability Project - PSDI): APCO; BIO-key International; BJA; Caddo Parish Communications District LA; City of Richmond; Houston TranStar; IJIS Institute; International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC); International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM); MA Executive Office of Public Safety; Microsoft; National Association of State EMS Officials (NAEMSO); National Emergency Management Association (NEMA); National Emergency Number Association (NENA); National Fire Protection Association (NFPA); New York City FD; Spillman Technologies; The Archer Group; and the United States Park Police., VERSION 2.0, Work Group (Alerts Working Team): Spillman Technologies; Sungard HTE; Advanced Justice Systems; TriTech Software Systems; Intergraph; URL Integration; Arlington PD; US Park Police; Storycount; LA Sheriff's Department; APCO; CSAA; LEITSC; IACP; and IJIS Institute., Project Committee (IJIS Public Safety Technical Standards Committee - IPSTSC): Asynchrony Solutions; MTG Management Consultants; Advanced Justice Systems; Spillman Technologies; Visionair; Public Safety Consultants, Inc.; PAVIC Marketing; TriTech Software Systems; Intergraph Corporation; Enforsys Inc.; Cisco Systems; Sungard HTE; US Park Police; LEITSC; APCO; and the IJIS Institute., VERSION 1.0, Developed by CSAA, APCO, and the City of Richmond VA. This version was not formally published.

Date submitted: Aug 23, 2006

Primary Contact
Scott Parker, IJIS Institute
(703) 726-3697
IJIS Institute