LAW-EX-0002 CIDRIS Receives New Case Information from a Uniform Arrest Record (UAR)

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CIDRIS is the Connecticut Impaired Driver Record Information System. This document records an exchange of additional documents on the case that was not part of the original LAW-EX-0001 or LAW-EX-0007 exchanges. This exchange carries the GUID of the original message, either the UAR number or the Criminal Summons number from the original message and identifing information of the accussed. All LAW-EX-0002 contains new documents required for the adjudication of the case by DMV or the Courts. It does not contain corrected data or corrected documents as updates to previously submitted and accepted case data is not allowed by either DMV or the Courts. The CIDRIS has internal business rules which determine which documents are forwarded to which agency.

NIEM/GJXDM Version: NIEM 2.0

Participating Organizations: NHTSA, State of CT Office of Policy Management, Department of Information Technology, Department of Public Safety, Local Police Departments, Department of Motor Vehicles, Department of Information Technology (Criminal Justice Information System)

Date submitted: Dec 1, 2010

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Primary Contact
Gerard Johnson
Department of Information Technology (Criminal Justice Information System)
101 East River Drive
East Hartford, CT, 06108