Interstate Criminal History Transmission Specification, XML Version 3.00 ("XML Specification for Interstate Rap Sheets")

This specification, created by the Joint Task Force for Rapsheet Standardization, contains the XML-based, criminal history transmission standard conformant to the Global Justice XML Data Model version 3.0.2. Included are a recommended text presentation format, an example XML rapsheet instance, an illustrative implementation using the FBI’s Interstate Identification Index and NLETS network, a stylesheet, and schema. The document's Executive Summary provides a description of the project to create a national rapsheet standard. All documentation is available on the NLETS website, This document specifies data and fields in the rapsheet, so as to facilitate unambiguous transfer of data among communities of interest.
Other Standards: This document is an outgrowth of ANSI/NIST-CSL 1-1993, a standard originally developed for the electronic transmission of fingerprint images, personal identification information, arrest charges and court dispositions.

Date submitted: Nov 1, 2004

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