What are the components of the GJXDM and NIEM Tag Names?

In accordance with ISO 11179, each GJXDM and NIEM tag name consists of several parts:

• Object class term: The object class term represents the specific real-world object to which the property is applicable.
• Property term: The property term is a plain-language summary of the quality that the property represents. Example property terms would include Hair Color, Hair Appearance, and Tax Identifier.
• Representation term: The representation term describes, from a very high level, the form of the data represented. This term is taken from a list of “ebXML” representation terms. Representation terms not on the list are not valid. The point of the representation term is not to specify the exact type of the represented value; It is instead intended to give the person reading the property name a clue as to what the property is for and what it might mean.