What is the development strategy of the National Information Exchange Model ( NIEM)?

The NIEM is a collaborative development initiative with the initial development principally supported by DHS and DOJ. The NIEM development strategy will leverage DOJ’s GJXDM as the principal baseline data model. The pilot project will develop the NIEM as a re-branded version of the GJXDM, extending its scope and aligning its structure and associated processes to include the concept of core data types.

NIEM is an ambitious undertaking that faces numerous technical and logistical challenges and associated risks. The development strategy will mitigate these risks by leveraging the proven technologies and processes of the GJXDM; revising and extending the GJXDM architecture, components, and processes for the NIEM based on an extensive GJXDM knowledge base of successful applications and lessons learned; applying industry best practices; and scoping the initial NIEM release to a small high priority set of core components.

NIEM's strategy will provide core value propositions in several respects: