What is the Mission of the National Information Exchange Model ( NIEM)'s value proposition?

The NIEM's development strategy revises and extends the GJXDM architecture, components, and processes for the NIEM based on an extensive GJXDM knowledge base of successful applications, lessons learned, and apply industry best practices. NIEM's strategy will provide core value propositions in several respects:


·       Facilitate growth of data model through harmonization of new data components

·       Coordinate independent project teams within DOJ and DHS

·       Separate core entities and attributes from domain specific

·       Produce multiple modular schemas (universal core, community-of-interest core, and domain specific)

·       Facilitate discovery of reusable data components

·       Facilitate assembly of reusable exchange packages

·       Adopt a standard for assigning context

·        Maintain compatibility with GJXDM for future work

·       Demonstrate use of core in federated query

·       Coordinate joint development and joint governance of core entities and exchanges.


Source: http://www.niem.gov