What is rap:CourtRecordID ?

“rap:CourtRecordID” is defined as the “element that contains the case number assigned by the court.''  Assuming the court docket number is the same number assigned to a particular case on a court's docket, this element seems appropriate.  If you are generating a RAP sheet, conform to the JTF RAP Sheet Specification 3.00 as close as possible, since that is what will be sent to other states via NLETS.  Extend it only for additional data elements when it is used exclusively within your state.

Joint Task Force on RAP Sheet Standardization: http://www.doj.state.wi.us/les/XML/jtf.htm

XML Specification for Interstate RAP Sheets: http://it.ojp.gov/jsr/common/viewDetail.jsp?sub_id=215&view=yes&keyword=1