What is the GJXDM Reference Information Exchange Package?

A GJXDM or NIEM reference Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD) is a specification for a model document or transaction that has been derived from and uses the GJXDM / NIEM. It is currently considered a suggested model for a particular kind of document.

For example, an Arrest Warrant reference Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD) uses the GJXDM, is specified in XML Schema, and is a reference for building an Arrest Warrant. This means that it can be used as is, or extended for a more specific or local purpose, or to guide construction of another similar document specification. There also some examples of reference IEPDs that use the NIEM such as, SAR for Local and State Entities IEPD v1.1.

A "reference" is a starting point for a standard, not a rigid, fixed standard. For more information on reference Information Exchange Packages, see Reference Information Exchange Package Schemas.