What is the XML Structure Task Force (XSTF) and its role?

The Global Infrastructure/Standards Working Group (GISWG) recommended that OJP form the XML Structure Task Force (XSTF) to identify data requirements, explore XML concepts, and apply XML best practices to the design and implementation of the Global Justice XML Data Model (GJXDM). This recommendation was accepted and today the XSTF is composed of government and industry domain experts (law enforcement, courts, and corrections), technical managers, and engineers.

XSTF works closely with Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) on each GJXDM version. Its vision is to significantly advance justice information sharing by providing a common language and vocabulary that reduces cost and technical barriers. GXSTF has developed a consistent, extendable, and maintainable XML schema reference specification for data elements and types that represent the data requirements of the general justice and public safety communities.

XSTF conducts evaluations, solicits feedback from technical experts and practitioners, and authorizes changes based on this feedback. XSTF is heavily involved in the GJXDM release process and approves all fixes, additions, deletions, and modifications to each implementation, all of which are applied to future releases with a cumulative change log published along with each release. When a reasonable number of updates are approved by the XSTF, a new version is released.

XSTF is also responsible for GJXDM guidance, review, and issue resolution.