What is SuperType?

SuperType is the root object in the type inheritance hierarchy. It incorporates attributes such as, @sensitivityText, @reportingOrganizationText, @reportedDate, @effectiveDate, and so forth. SuperType provides a base object with properties that can be associated to any element in the entire GJXDM.

The SuperType is basically any thing. Using a SuperType as a root of the model enables the association of certain attributes common to all of the types. In other words, all types in the model can inherit basic attributes such as “@source Text” (the name or identification of an information resource from which the content came) or “@reportedDate” (the date information was observed, measured, identified, or became known). This is commonly known as metadata.

Derived from the SuperType are other types, such as PersonType or ActivityType. Each of these types has properties of its own, and the important objective of component reuse is achieved by using the OOP concept of inheritance.