What kinds of Information Exchange Package Description (IEPD) standards are consistent within the National Information Exchange Package Description (NIEM) IEPDs?

There are a variety of commonly used standards that are currently represented in XML Schema. There must be a method for NIEM to promote and use these external standards where requirements dictate.

There are two fundamental cases:



Case 1. Presents a methodology for including non-NIEM components in NIEM-conformant schemas. It enables data modeling efforts to build NIEM-conformant components from non-NIEM data objects.


Case 2. The use of NIEM in external standards will likely involve per-standard recommendations. Use of NIEM should maintain compatibility with those standards, by doing things as the external standards intend. For example, Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) uses attribute assertions, which each have a name and a value. In such a case, NIEM conformant content should be carried as a set of values, with each name indicating a NIEM-conformant component. Specific rules and guidelines will be developed for each standard.  Overarching guidelines for using NIEM content in external standards will be developed.  Such rules will be overridden by rules for specific standards. General rules will involve (1) focusing on elements as the prime semantic construct in NIEM-conformant data models, and (2) focusing on types as the prime structural entity. These guidelines will help maintain consistency in uses of NIEM content between various architectures.