What conformance factors determine a component to be “NIEM Component?”

The term “NIEM Component” is used for a schema component from a namespace that is NIEM-conformant, which follows the rules defined by the NIEM Naming and Design Rules (NDR) for NIEM conformance. The NIEM NDR provides a profile of W3C X ML Schema, along with additional constructs to support creating a data model. In order to be NIEM-conformant, a namespace must claim conformance, and must follow specific rules about structure, XML Schema feature usage, naming, and documentation.


NIEM conformance is determined at the namespace level, based on a reference schema for a particular namespace. To determine if a namespace is NIEM-conformant, the reference schema for the namespace is tested against a set of NIEM conformance rules.

These rules include such things as:


1.      The schema must claim to be NIEM conformant.

2.      The schema must have a target namespace, over which the schema author has dominion.

3.        Schema components must be documented.

4.        Component documentation must take specific forms, including being supported with XML annotations from a NIEM-specific namespace, to support data modeling concepts.