What is IEPD Clearinghouse?

The IEPD Clearinghouse is a Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) sponsored initiative developed and supported by the Global Justice XML Data Model (GJXDM) Training and Technical Assistance Committee (GTTAC) and the IJIS Institute.


The Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD) Clearinghouse is a website that empowers government and industry IT professionals with information about planned, in-progress, and completed IEPD initiatives.


Public and private developers can maximize resources and time by using the IEPD Clearinghouse to gain access to Global Justice XML Data Model (GJXDM) and National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) conformant and reusable artifacts.  Funding agencies, policy makers, and managers can avoid duplicative efforts by researching in-progress IEPD development initiatives.  Most importantly, the IEPD Clearinghouse enables directly relevant collaboration between organizations and people working to solve similar problems within the justice and public safety community


What is an IEPD?


An IEPD is a collection of developer-originated artifacts that promote reuse and enable wider adoption of standards.  These artifacts include data exchange and domain models as well as GJXDM- or NIEM-conformant data maps and XML schemas.  Reuse of these IEPD artifacts allows developers to focus on local adaptation through extensions and refining or enhancing the global baseline.


IEPD Clearinghouse Benefits & Features



IEPD Clearinghouse Access


The IEPD Clearinghouse is an interactive repository containing updated information about IEPDs that can be accessed via http://it.ojp.gov/iepd/


Submitting IEPD Information to the Clearinghouse


In only a few minutes, a user can submit information about IEPDs to the Clearinghouse by downloading and completing the IEPD submission form and creating a user account.


IEPD Clearinghouse Support


For IEPD Clearinghouse inquiries or support, please contact the National Information Sharing Standards (NISS) Help Desk via:


Web                 By clicking "Ask a Question" tab at http://it.ojp.gov/gjxdm/helpdesk/

Telephone       1-877-333-5111 or 703-726-1919

E-mail             NISShelp@ijis.org