What has been the reception among the base of NIEM users to DOJ's push for NIEM? Will it be difficult for users to make this transition?

"NIEM was developed from the bottom up based on actual requirements from stakeholders from all levels of government.  As such, adoption of the NIEM 2.0 release should not be viewed as pushed down as much as it is voluntary use by the community that participated in its creation.   NIEM does not require any agency or project to adopt the latest version on some coordinated NIEM timeline.  Each agency or project makes this decision based on what makes sense in their particular situation - nothing breaks just because NIEM publishes a new release.   However, to facilitate the migration from GJXDM or a previous version of NIEM to the current version the program provides migration tools, documentation, and training to assist in this regard - See niem.gov"