How do I locate an element (use ChargeVictim as an example)?

Several tools are available in the justice community to search NIEM / GJXDM.  These include the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) Wayfarer tool, the Model Viewer tool built into the Subset Schema Generation Tool (SSGT), and the Excel spreadsheet included in the NIEM / GJXDM distribution.

In Wayfarer and the SSGT Model Viewer, to locate an element like Charge, simply type the element's name in the "search" text box, and click search.  Both tools will show the elements that are contained within this element's type.  For example, within ChargeType, one of the included elements is ChargeVictim.  Clicking on the link for ChargeVictim takes the user to VictimType.

To find elements in the spreadsheet, simply use Excel's "Find..." feature.  (Be sure to click the option that searches across worksheets, as the spreadsheet splits up the GJXDM into separate worksheets.)  Hyperlinks embedded within the spreadsheet take the user to relevant types.