NIEM Summary of Ehancements from RC 1.0 to RC 2.0

NIEM 2.0 Changes (summary)

Over 10,000 changes from NIEM 1.0 to 2.0:

·         >5,000 component changes

·         >5,000 code list value changes

·         Universal + Common = NIEM Core (nc :)

·         NIEM Core tagged/searchable as U or C

Re-modeled the following types:

·         Measure

·         Location: Address, Latitude/Longitude, geographic coordinates

·         Date, Time

·         Facility, Correctional Facility (Structure removed)

·         Entity (Person or Organization)

·         ContactInformation

·         Telephone number

·         Revised many Core definitions

·         Standardized Core definition formats
(type, abstract, augmentation, role, etc.)

New component metadata fields (for search/discovery):

·         Key words - synonyms, slang terms, etc.

·         Usage descriptions - describe specific use cases

·         Examples - typical or sample values

·         Reviewed Core data elements for NDR conformance
and ISO 11179 naming guidelines

Namespace adjustments:

·         Moved components to/from Universal, Common, domains

·         Justice namespace renamed Global Justice XML Data Model (JXDM) 4.0

·         Geospatial namespace prefix replaced by geo:

·         Reviewed and revised Identifiers (IDs) and IdentificationTypes

·         Added new URI representation term and corresponding URIType

·         Integrated Global JXDM 3.1beta

·         Integrated ~30 resolved NBAC/NTAC NCCT issues

·         Inserted ANSI-NIST Biometric standard in new namespace

·         Removed some duplicate components from Core

·         Applied additional 50+ adjustments requested by FBI

·         More thorough integration with Core planned for next release

·         Reintegrated domains to new Core

·         Replaced inappropriate specializations with augmentations

·         Repaired applied augmentations

New code lists and types:

·         Department of Transportation: hazmat

·         Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms: explosives

·         Drug Enforcement Agency: drugs

·         National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA): horizontal datums

Updated existing code lists to most current:

·         Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 10-4 country codes (from latest NGA updates)

·         ISO 639-3 language codes

·         ISO 3166 country codes

·         National Crime Information Center (NCIC) Technical & Operational Update (TOU) 06-2 (latest available)

·         Corrected use of U.N. Economic Commission for Europe (UN/ECE) Rec 20 - now using common codes (not symbols) for units of measure

·         Integrated 26 FBI NDEx issues and components.

·         Remodeled EncounterType for Immigration and People Screening domains.

·         Updated and repaired Immigration and Customs Enforcement ICE component definitions.

·         Fixed a number of technical concerns from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI).

·         Added new components and code lists for Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) IEPD.

·         Remodeled Passport and integrated with Core for SAR and People Screening IEPDs.

·         Updated NIEM to use Intelligence Community Information Security Markings (IC-ISM) *.
*Current FOUO nature precludes public release.

Other New Features

·         Revised Naming and Design Rules
Draft Version 1.2 (7 Aug 2007).

·         Techniques for Building and Extending NIEM XML Components Version 2.0.1
(7 Aug 2007); includes examples.

·         Improvements to spreadsheet format.

·         URI pages for both NIEM 1.0 and 2.0 rooted at
o Limited domain independent versioning.