How can issues with Global Justice XML Data Model (GJXDM) be addressed?

The Global Justice XML Data Model (GJXDM) Bugzilla Feedback site  will continue to be the primary mechanism for identifying urgent bug fixes and requests for additions, deletions, and modifications. The XML Structure Task Force (XSTF) will continue to authorize all fixes and changes. Thus, all bug reports (feedback) will be reviewed and approved/disapproved by the XSTF. All approved additions, deletions, and modifications will be applied to the next release whenever possible. A cumulative change log will be published with each release to maintain an audit trail. Changes will be linked to appropriate bug reports in the feedback history.

GJXDM Support can be obtained by contacting National Information Sharing Standards Help Desk via:

GJXDM Knowledge Base and Help Desk can be accessed via:

4    Web


GJXDM Help Desk can be contacted via:

4    Telephone



4    Email

This GJXDM listserv exists to support community-wide announcements, comments, discussions, and exchanges that are relevant to the GJXDM but not directly relevant to the feedback site.

Finally, the organizations utilizing the GJXDM can be contacted directly for further information .

Information Sharing Listserv: