Why is a 9-digit of SSN so complicate and important?


In the modern of technology right now, 9-digits of SSN had placed a very important role or key in the web and window applications. In the database (SQL, Oracle, or etc…), SSN also is an important key to give access for log in the application or export the data into a letter, form, report(spreadsheet), and etc… In NIEM/GJXDM, we use 9-digit Social Security Number (SSN) as a simple concept that should uniquely apply to a legal person that lives in the U.S. In order to export such amount of large data, XML is a best way to handle this kind of job (especially spreadsheet). The XML code below is an example and it will be a correct way to specify the Name an SSN for a person in its simplest terms:

         <PersonFullName>John Doe</PersonFullName>

The XML tags are required to have four levels to associate the SSN with a person:
The following XML instance specification is the result of the following type structures and properties in the Global JXDM:
PROPERTY of TYPE (derived from or extends TYPE)

Person PersonType (SuperType)
PersonAssignedIDDetails PersonAssignedIDDetailsType (SuperType)
PersonSSNID IDType (SuperType)
PersonStateID IDType (SuperType)

IDObject IDType base xsd:string (SuperType)
ID TextType
IDTypeText TextType
IDTypeDescriptionText TextType
IDTypeCodeText TextType
IDTypeCodeSourceText TextType
IDTypeCodeVersionText TextType
IDStatus StatusType (SuperType)
IDEffectiveDate j-xsd:date
IDExpirationDate j-xsd:date
IDIssuingAuthorityText TextType
IDJurisdictionText TextType
IDJurisdictionCode j-ncic:RESType
IDSourceText TextType

PersonSSNID is of type IDType and IDType contains a number of properties to qualify the SSN, it is not necessary to use them unless your requirements demand it. In fact, many of these properties may not be appropriate for the SSN. In addition to having the use of the IDType properties, the user also has access to a number of attributes under the SuperType (see some examples in the chart below):

  SuperObject                                             SuperType
      @languageText                                       xsd:string
      @probabilityNumeric                              xsd:decimal
      @reliabilityNumeric                                 xsd:decimal
      @distributionText                                    xsd:string
      @sensitivityText                                      xsd:string
      @sourceText                                          xsd:string
      @reportingPersonText                            xsd:string
      @reportingPersonRoleText                     xsd:string
      @reportingOrganizationText                    xsd:string
      @reportedDate                                       xsd:date
      @lastVerifiedDate                                   xsd:date
      @lastUpdatedDate                                  xsd:date
      @effectiveDate                                        xsd:date
      @expirationDate                                      xsd:date
      @sourceIDText                                       xsd:string
      @criminalInformationIndicator                  xsd:boolean
      @intelligenceInformationIndicator             xsd:boolean
      @comment                                              xsd:string

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Article source reference: http://it.ojp.gov/jxdm/faq.html#ssn