What resources are available for GRA implementation?

Resources available for GRA implementation are listed below:                                                                

Reference Architecture Planning
GRA Framework v1.9
GRA Guidelines for Identifying and Designing Services v1.1
GRA Service Specification Guideline, Working Draft v0.9.7

Reference Service Specification Packages (SSPs)
Arrest Warrant Information Exchange (AWIE) Service Specification, Working Draft v0.9.6
Fingerprint (FP) Service Specification, Working Draft v0.9.3
Inmate Release Information (IRI) Service Specification, Working Draft v0.9.4
Request for Information (RFI) Service Specification, Working Draft v0.9.2
Submit Suspicious Activity (SSA) Field Interview Report (FIR) Service Specification, Draft v.0.9.5
Submit Suspicious Activity (SSA) Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) Service Specification Draft v.0.9.5
Terrorist Screening Center Encounter Information (TSCEI) Service Specification, Draft v.0.9.4

Technical Documents
GRA Specification v1.8
GRA Service Specification Package, Working Draft v0.9.7
GRA Execution Context Guidelines v1.1
GRA Web-Services Service Interaction Profile v1.3
GRA ebXML Messaging Service Interaction Profile v1.1
GRA Reliable Secure Web Services, Service Interaction Profile v1.1

Policy Documents
GRA Information Sharing Enterprise Statement of Participation v1.1
GRA Information Sharing Enterprise Service-Level Agreement v1.1

Source: http://it.ojp.gov/default.aspx?area=nationalInitiatives&page=1015