Does a position exist on the notion of mapping an entire local domain to NIEM?

  1. What are the reasons for-or-against this effort?
  2.  Any recommendations on how such an inventory should differ from just a "giant mapping sheet"?


NIEM Model Package Description (MDP) Specification document available on the NIEM web site has the best overview surrounding how the future of NIEM leverages enterprise data models in individual exchange package development.

To answer the specific questions:

  1. The reason for doing this is that this is in line with the future of NIEM as outlined in the MPD Specification. It also a great way to ensure elements are mapped/modeled consistently across various exchanges in the future.
  2. While a simple spreadsheet would work, it may be advantageous to use the new  (when that becomes available) instead as it embodies the MPD and also provides tools to graphically depict and textually document the larger enterprise data model.