What transformations should not be done to the GJXDM or NIEM to create a schema subset?

There are a large number of transformations which could be performed on the GJXDM and NIEM to create a subset, and many of those possible transformations are not recommended. It is important that the generated schema subset adhere to the rules for schema subsets.

The following transformations should not be performed:

  1. Do not omit any components that are required.
  2. Do not rearrange or change the order of elements appearing in schemas.
  3. Do not change the base type of any type
  4. Do not change the type of any element or attribute 
  5. Do not make global components local
  6. Do not change the namespace of elements, attributes, types, etc.
  7. Do not rename components
  8. Do not flatten structures
  9. Do not change any namespace URI
  10. Do not change the relative file path location of files (i.e. .../3.0/jxdm.xsd)
  11. Do not do anything not specified by this document