What are Root Elements in Reference Document Schemas?

These elements are defined by the types derived from DocumentType in the GJXDM. Within the GJXDM class hierarchy, a generic DocumentType is defined. This type contains a number of metadata-like properties identified by Dublin Core, the Intel community, and records management community. The "outermost tags in instance documents" are the elements defined by the types derived from DocumentType in the JXDM.

The consistent baseline model and dictionary of reusable building blocks to create them is being designed and build by the Justice community. Furthermore, note that there are already a number of groups in existence that provide "official blessing," for example the Joint Task Force on Rap Sheet Standardization. This is also why each is allowed to reside in its own namespace (outside of JXDM) -- because undoubtedly there will be some customization (extensions to JXDM) required in many of these documents. Again unofficially, examples would be

<element name="RapSheet" type= "RapSheetType"></element>

<element name="DriverHistory" type= "DriverHistoryType"></element>

<element name="ProtectionOrder" type= "ProtectionOrderType"></element>

<element name="CourtOrder" type= "CourtOrderType"></element>

... where each "__________Type" above is derived from and therefore inherits metadata from the JXDM DocumentType.

Another more specialized example:

<element name="MNCourtOrder" type="MNCourtOrderType"></element>

... a specialization of CourtOrder for Minnesota which might be derived from the more generic CourtOrderType.