What will be changing in the NIEM 3.0 Release?

NIEM 3.0 changes include model harmonization at both the core and domain levels. See below for specific updates and enhancements.

NIEM Core Updates

Through harmonization and content submission, NIEM Core has been updated as follows:

· Added some elements previously contained in domain content to NIEM Core

· Modified existing definitions for data elements in NIEM Core based on community input

· Added substitution group placeholders for code lists used in core, which makes plugging in updated code sets into information exchanges (i.e., IEPDs) much easier

· Updated 33 code lists in NIEM Core ensuring more timely and relevant data

NIEM Domain Content Updates

The following domains have submitted new and/or updated content for incorporation in NIEM 3.0:

· Biometrics (this domain community content marks their first input into the model)

·       Chem Bio Rad Nuc (CBRN)

·       Children, Youth, and Family Services (CYFS)

·       Justice

·       Maritime

·       Immigration and Screening.

Technical Architecture Enhancements

·       Augmentation: Type Augmentation is a complex concept that is often misunderstood. The NIEM 3.0 design makes type augmentation easier to understand and implement within information exchanges.

·       Updating of Code Lists Independent from Releases: This enhancement allows NIEM communities to use and maintain up-to-date code lists without waiting for a future release.

·       Intelligence Community Information Security Marking (IC-ISM) standard: NIEM 3.0 includes enhancements that better support the IC-ISM standard and provide the ability to leverage IC-ISM updates based on its rapid version cycle.

·       Enhancements to Reference and Content-Bearing Elements: This enhancement significantly reduces complexity and duplication of NIEM elements by allowing a single element declaration to serve as a reference element or a content-bearing element.