What is the Conformance Validation Tool?

The NIEM Conformance Tool or ConTesA Tool is an option available for you to validate schema. The Conformance Validation Tool is a dynamic tool that allows you to upload an IEPD, a set of schemas in a zip file, or an individual schema.?  This free public release tool of the NIEM Conformance intended to assist developers by automatically identifying potential locations of non-conformance within IEPD artifacts (including schemas, metadata, catalogs, and XML). The tool will generate the report after your file has been uploaded and generate a report in HTML, EXCEL, or XML format. The tool uses the NIEM Naming and Design Rules (NDR) 1.3 and associated IEPD specifications. This tool will soon integrate into NDR 3.0.

User need to have a NIEM Tool Account which is local account to access the tool or you can use your own personal Yahoo or Google account because this tool is using Open Id.

NIEM Tools Account Registered Link: http://tools.niem.gov/niemtools/user/user-add.iepd

Conformance Tool Link: http://tools.niem.gov/contesaNIEM/

Naming and Design Rules 1.3 and 3.0: http://reference.niem.gov/niem/specification/naming-and-design-rules/