What is NIEM Migration Assistance Tool?

The NIEM Migration Assistance Tool is an easy tool for you to migrate your current wantlist to the lastest version. The Migration Tool is a tool that allows you to upload your wantlist file that you find in an IEPD, and generate the ouputs for you in just a click of a button. The outputs should include a new migration wantlist, a new subset, and a migration report that indicate the status of that migration resolution.

Here are the supported levels of the tool:

  1. NIEM 3.0 conversion to NIEM 3.0-with-domain-updates
  2. NIEM 2.1-with-domain-updates conversion to NIEM 3.0
  3. NIEM 2.1 to NIEM 2.1-with-domain-updates conversion
  4. NIEM 2.0 to NIEM 2.1 conversion
  5. NIEM 1.0 to NIEM 2.0 conversion
  6. GJXDM 3.0.3 to NIEM 2.0 wantlist conversion

Notice: If you have a wantlist file version NIEM 2.1 and you want to upgrade to the latest version which is NIEM 3.0-with-domain-updated, the tool will migrate the file into the NIEM 2.1-with-domain-updated first, and you will take this wantlist file verison NIEM 2.1-with-domain-updated and continue upload to migrate to the next version. You need to repeat this step until you have the latest wanlist, the latest subset, and the status report.   

Migration Assistance Tool:  http://tools.niem.gov/niemtools/migration/index.iepd