NIEM 3.1 Beta Version

NIEM 3.1 Beta Version is a final test version of NIEM 3.1. This minor upgrade version will associate with our NIEM NDR 3.0 and MPD 3.0. 

This NIEM 3.1 Beta Version will available for public review and comment from March 23 to April 6 of 2015.  This final version of NIEM 3.1 will expect to be released in May/June 2015. This version will incorporate errors or bugs that users identified in the NIEM 3.0 version last year.

Here are some of the updates that NIEM 3.1 Beta Version includes:

The NIEM 3.1 Beta Version Package is available at:
The page for NIEM 3.1 Beta Version comment submissions is: