What is Geospatial for NIEM (Geo4NIEM)?

The Geospatial Enhancement for NIEM (Geo4NIEM) initiative is a collaboration of the NIEM Program Management Office (PMO), the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), the Department of Homeland Security, and the Program Manager for the Information Sharing Environment (PM-ISE) to enhance NIEM's geospatial exchange capabilities.

The objectives of the Geo4NIEM initiative are to:

Geospatial information technologies are increasingly a foundation for supporting homeland security, law enforcement, emergency management, and public safety missions in the U.S. While these technologies rely upon much of the same data, they are typically developed in silos within a specific mission area. As a result, data duplication and data exchange delays occur. However, mission partners could benefit from shared access to the common operating data and services used within these geospatial systems if they were exposed and exchanged in open standards. Hence the need for enhancing NIEM’s geospatial exchange capabilities in order to significantly improve inter-government information sharing of this critical data source.