How does Geo4NIEM impact NIEM 3.0?

The Geo4NIEM initiative culminated in a demonstration of how enhanced geospatial capabilities enable situational awareness through the ability to identify, process, and comprehend critical information during an incident. More information and videos of the demonstration can be found here.

The Geo4NIEM initiative provided eight recommendations (specific to GML adapters in NIEM) for consideration in the NIEM 3.0 update; seven recommendations were implemented and one recommendation had no impact on the model itself. Overall, no significant changes were recommended to the NIEM technical architecture. The GML adapters are defined in the geospatial.xsd schema, a NIEM reference schema. In general, the standard adapter mechanism should be employed to import valid GML content into NIEM-conformant data structures.

An engineering report summarizing the findings and recommendations of the Geo4NIEM initiative was published in November of 2013. You can read more about the findings and download the engineering report here.