What is NLETS?

The NLETS was created by the principal law enforcement agencies of the states nearly 35 years ago. Since the founding, NLETS role has evolved from being primarily an interstate telecommunications service for law enforcement to a more broad-based network servicing the justice community at the local, state, and federal levels.

It is now the pre-eminent interstate law enforcement network in the nation for the exchange of law enforcement and related justice information. The mission of NLETS is to provide, within a secure environment, an international justice telecommunications capability and information services that will benefit to the highest degree, the safety, the security, and the preservation of human life and the protection of property. NLETS assists those national and international governmental agencies and other organizations with similar missions that enforce or aid in enforcing local, state, or international laws or ordinances.

NLETS hopes to continue to be the premier provider of the network, system, and services that will support and encourage a totally standardized, integrated, international justice system. Acting primarily as a network provider, and to the degree required, a data warehouse, NLETS will endeavor to serve every stratum of the justice and public safety communities. NLETS has led the effort to advocate for the use of XML technology for law enforcement purposes.

NLETS Website: http://www.nlets.org/