How can  GJXDM be used for  Data Warehousing ?

The GJXDM was designed as a data model to be used as the basis for information exchanges, not as a data model for data warehouses (or databases). A data warehouse is a copy of transaction data specifically structured for querying and reporting. In essence, a data warehouse is designed for the storage of data, not the exchange data with other applications.

On the other hand, GJXDM was inherently designed to allow information exchange. For example, building a GJXDM 'compliant' data warehouse to store the data in a case management system might be problematic and requires adapting the GJXDM schema. In this case, one would want to use GJXDM components to represent the set of data used by an application (the case management system). Yet, since it is unlikely the GJXDM exactly models the business data for this particular application, one should expect to have to use certain GJXDM components, adding your own components, and combining them in additional or different ways than they are in the GJXDM to suit the particular business purpose of the application.

It is possible for a data warehouse modeled after the GJXDM to work; although it may not be optimal for a particular application, it could make it easier to send and receive IEPs. It's just that this use of the GJXDM for data warehouses was not considered in the development of the GJXDM.