What is a  Rap Sheet?

The Joint Task Force on Rap Sheet Standardization (JTF) has made an effort to implement a national standard for the exchange of criminal history rap sheet. This is a project sponsored by the FBI in combination with SEARCH and NLETS.

The JTF created an XML specification for Interstate rap sheets that contains the XML-based, criminal history transmission standard conformant to the Global Justice XML Data Model version 3.0.2. Included are a recommended text presentation format, an example XML rap sheet instance, an illustrative implementation using the FBI’s Interstate Identification Index and NLETS network, a style sheet, and schema.

The document's Executive Summary provides a description of the project to create a national rap sheet standard. Rap Sheet Specification 3.00, has defined an element (as an extension to the GJXDM) for Court Case Number. The name of thiselementisrap:CourtRecordID.

Rapsheet Specification: it.ojp.gov/documents/Glossary.doc