What is an Information Exchange Package (IEP)?

An “Information Exchange Package” (IEP) represents a set of data that is transmitted for a specific business purpose. It is the actual XML instance that delivers the payload or information.

An Information Exchange Package can be prefixed with “GJXDM” or “NIEM” to indicate or highlight that the IEP is GJXDM- or NIEM-conformant, as in “GJXDM Information Exchange Package” or “NIEM Information Exchange Package.” The fact that an IEP is GJXDM- or NIEM-conformant may be readily apparent from the context, so it is not absolutely necessary to use the prefixes.

Many justice, public safety, as well as other organizations have been working to define information exchanges, conformant with the Global Justice XML Data Model (GJXDM), or the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) to be used within their information sharing enterprise. Recently, a number of justice practitioner and industry organizations have been working to define “reference” information exchanges, intended as models for information exchanges that meet specific business needs.

The XML Structure Task Force (XSTF) recognized the need to identify and describe a common set of artifacts to document the structure and content of a GJXDM-conformant XML instance used in an information exchange to meet a specific business purpose. This set of artifacts is referred to as “GJXDM Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD)” or “NIEM Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD).”