Why do some element names seem redundant?

GJXDM and NIEM add a great deal of redundancy to element names to provide a set of data element names that are relatively complete, semantically precise, and globally understood. The meaning of any given tagname should be determinable within a variety of circumstances, ranging from well-structured documents with rich context to transaction or message-oriented formats that may be weak in context.

To do this the XML Structure Task Force prohibits synonyms, and uses ISO/IEC Standard 11179 (Specification and Standardization of Data Elements) syntax for naming elements consistently and precisely. The resulting data dictionary will have potentially wide applicability and a larger scope, but the expense will be longer names. Furthermore, we used the Draft Federal XML Developer's Guide 2002: which states that ISO 11179 naming syntax should be used for XML element names.

XML Developer's Guide: http://xml.fido.gov/documents/in_progress/developersguide.pdf