What is an Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD)?

An Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD) is a GJXDM- or NIEM-conformant schema set, plus associated documentation, that defines a common information exchange.

For the last several years, the justice community has been developing functional XML specifications for common justice documents, such as Arrest Warrant, Arrest/Incident Report, Amber Alert, Rap Sheet, and Sentencing Order. The GJXDM and NIEM approach is to construct reference exchange documents with GJXDM or NIEM components and to provide these as model document schemas that can be used as is or extended to meet individual jurisdictional requirements.

One example of a GJXDM Reference IEPD is the Amber Alert IEPD, available on the OJP website.  Others are the Incident Reporting, Arrest, Booking, and Charging document IEPDs developed by SEARCH; the Traffic Citation and Protection Order IEPDs developed by the National Center for State Courts; and prosecution-initiated IEPDs developed by the IJIS Institute.

To review existing IEPDs please visit IEPD Clearinghouse at http://it.ojp.gov/iepd/