What are the general recommendations for using the GJXDM?

The common principles for using GJXDM are as follows:   

 * Design and synthesize common, reusable, extensible data components that facilitate standard information exchange in Extensible Markup Language (XML).
    * Requirements-based: Build content from existing data models, dictionaries, and specifications.
    * Object-oriented: Maximize efficiency through extension and consistent reuse of properties and types.
    * Generalize the Global JXDM for the justice community at-large. Do NOT target specific applications or systems.
    * Provide referenceable schema components primarily for schema developers.
    * Facilitate the evolution of the Global JXDM and its schema by providing change management and extension.
    * Extendable: Enable local additions of data components, but preserve the semantic relationships when they exist, and minimize the impact on prior schema and code investments.
    * Implement and represent domain relationships so they are globally understood.
    * Preserve global semantics.
    * Build to evolve with emerging technologies (e.g. OWL, Web Services, etc.).
    * In view of time constraints, national priorities, requirements conflicts, and technical limitations, apply rational compromises to these criteria to achieve solutions.