What are Context Data Elements?

The capability to store common names (context data elements) in the dictionary database that are not used in the Globa Justice XML Data Dictionary (GJXDD) schema will be added. These context elements will be defined and will refer (link) to the Global Justice XML Data Model (GJXDM) elements that represent them in a given context. For example, ArrestDate will be defined in the dictionary, and its entry will reference (link to) ActivityDate and explain the Arrest context. This capability will assist users who must map their local dictionaries to GJXDM.

There are a number of ways to identify appropriate context data elements. The XSTF is evaluating them. The capability to have and use context data elements for navigation of GJXDM is available with the first release of the GJXDM Search Tool. However, identifying what context data elements should be contained in the GJXDM database will be evolutionary and based upon input from the field and methods for collecting such. Also, by design, synonymous elements are not permitted in the GJXDD. However, data element definitions may contain synonyms that will not appear as tags in the GJXDD schema. Thus, within the documentation it is easy to discover synonyms by searching. A data registry for the GJXDM would also enable this.

In addition, the National Center for State Courts Wayfarer GJXDM search tool ("Wayfarer") has a "contextual search" feature that can often identify context data elements.

Wayfarer: http://apps.ncsc.org/niem/