How do I search for a component?

Global Justice XML Data Model (GJXDM) schema designers should become familiar with the tools available to search GJXDM for desired types and elements.  These tools include the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) Wayfarer, the Schema Subset Generation Tool (which subsumed the functionality of the GJXDM Model Viewer), and the GJXDM spreadsheet  that is part of the distribution for each release.

Regardless of which finding aid utilized, it is important to remember that each type in GJXDM inherits properties from types higher in the inheritance hierarchy; it is often the case that the property being sought is actually in a base type, and so may have an unexpected name.  This concept, called contextual data elements (article #4), can frustrate some search attempts, but is beneficial because it fosters reuse within the model, represents important semantic relationships between general and specialized types, and makes the data model smaller.  The XSTF is investigating a set of techniques and mechanisms that could be used to improve searches with contextual data elements.