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Whether you are tackling a justice information sharing business problem, targeting a general area of interest, or are looking for a specific Global publication, the Global Wizard has the solution. This tool is designed to give you, the user, options for locating the best solutions. From developing a privacy policy to establishing a fusion center; from guidance on first amendment rights to how to implement Global Reference Architecture standards, Global has your solution!

Global Spotlight: Learn about the Global Standards Package (GSP)

The Global Standards Package is a collection of normative, independently versioned standards that are assembled into a package of interoperable solutions specifically supporting the exchange of justice information. To promote increased interoperability among justice information sharing systems, the Office of Justice Programs (OJP) has started issuing guidance relative to the use of the Global Standards Package.

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Based on your navigational preference, there are three different ways to locate the Global solutions that best meet your needs:


View and search the entire GLOBAL Product Family.

  • A wide-open approach to search for products by keyword, phrase or document title.
  • Filter by selecting individual or combinations of filters.
  • Dive-in to products by viewing detail information and related products.
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Navigate an extensive classification hierarchy to find the group of products just for you.

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The highest level of support, this process results in a customized package of Global Solutions that best meet your business need or interest based on responses to a series of guided questions.

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  • Eliminates lengthy trial and error searching
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