Global Standards Council

The Global Standards Council (GSC) serves as a Global Advisory Committee (GAC) subcommittee, supporting broad-scale electronic sharing of pertinent justice- and public safety-related information by recommending to the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), through the GAC, associated information sharing standards and guidelines.

About the GSC

The Global Standards Council employs an enterprise architecture approach for developing and maintaining the cohesive body of Global standards as one Global Standards Package (GSP) (further defined below). That architecture and its associated GSP artifacts consists of:

  1. Guidance on the design, specification, and implementation of services (and related infrastructure) as part of a justice Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). This justice SOA-based architecture is more commonly known as the Global Reference Architecture—an approach to information sharing and an information exchange solution designed to cut 80 percent of implementation time and costs for state and local justice agencies through reuse of established promising practices in IT architecture and design. To learn more about the GRA and affiliated standards, please follow this GRA link.

  2. Guidelines and standards for establishing, implementing, and governing federated identity management approaches. Federated identity allows a user’s roles, rights, and privileges to be communicated securely in the justice community and, in particular, to those who hold the information required to effectively safeguard our nation. The Global Federated Identity and Privilege Management (GFIPM) framework provides the justice community and partner organizations with a standards-based approach for implementing federated identity. To learn more about GFIPM and affiliated standards, please follow this GFIPM link.

  3. A framework for automating access control (in particular, privacy) policy as part of information exchange. Converting privacy policy to a form understandable to computers continues to be a significant problem and a high priority for the justice community. Implementing Privacy Policy in Justice Information Sharing: A Technical Framework seeks to fill this need by exploring approaches and alternatives to resolve technical and interoperability challenges in supporting privacy policy through automation. The full technical framework and an executive summary of the same are available at the included links.

    Global Standards Package: The aforementioned enterprise architecture and its associated standards collectively form what is known as the Global Standards Package—the entire body of normative Global standards work maintained by the Global Standards Council. Please access the GSP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) guide here and/or follow this link for a complete listing and access to published artifacts in the Global Standards Package. All GSP standards can also be discovered through the Global Information Sharing Toolkit.

    Global Workspace: When GSP normative standards are developed or revised, each will be made available for a public review and comment period. When Global standards and products are opened for public comment, the deliverables will be posted at the Global Workspace—a collaboration site that serves two purposes. First, Global Workspace is an efficient and effective means to facilitate collaboration within the Global community when it develops and/or modifies Global standards, policies, guidelines, and other Global-associated deliverables. Second, once these deliverables are ready for public review and comment to practitioners, partners, and other consumers of the Global product line, Global Workspace supports this expanded collaboration in an efficient, yet structured manner, while simultaneously affording public users an easy way to review and comment.Depiction of Global information sharing standards supporting the entire spectrum of justice and public safety communities.

Thank you for visiting the Global Standards Council site. Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact the GSC team at, or by calling (850) 385-0600, Ext 272.