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Since September 11, 2001, enhanced justice information sharing has been shown to be critical to ensure public safety and homeland security. As agencies pursue the automated information exchange in the public interest, it is equally as critical that decision makers vigorously strive to protect constitutional privacy rights. To this end, justice and public safety agencies must develop privacy and civil liberties policies to guide information exchange efforts and to clearly identify the rules that control their information sharing activities.

The Privacy and Civil Liberties Policy Development Guide and Implementation Templates is a practical, hands-on resource that provides justice practitioners with sensible guidance for developing a privacy and civil liberties policy. It assists agencies in articulating privacy obligations in a manner that protects the justice agency, the individual, and the public and makes it easier to do what is necessary—share critical justice information.

Preface to Information Quality
Appendix A: Policy Templates
Appendix B: Privacy Overview
Appendix C: Sample Case Study
Appendix D: Glossary
Appendix D: Glossary
Reference Materials
February 2008