Law Enforcement Prosecutor Exchange

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This specification is designed to allow a law enforcment record management system (RMS) submit complaint (incident and/or arrest data) to a prosecutor. This submission is required when the prosecutor represents the state in a felony matter. Traditionally this was sent on paper in the form of incident reports and statements. This IEPD will define a process for sending the actual data to streamline the submission process, add an audit trail, reduce reentry of data and allow case tracking. Once sent to the prosecutor, the Clerk's Office can be notified of an indictment through the next exchange. Jail information is also provided to the prosecutor to assist in speedy trial calculations.

NIEM/GJXDM Version: GJXDM 3.0.3

Participating Organizations: Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office, Cuyahoga County Law Enforcement Agencies, Cuyahoga County RMS Vendors, Pointe Blank Solutions

Date submitted: Sep 19, 2007

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