In what way is SEARCH involved with GJXDM?

SEARCH is involved with GJXDM through participation in a variety of justice XML committees and task forces.

SEARCH has also developed a conceptual framework to:
• present the flow of justice information between criminal justice agencies,
• define the key events that trigger the need to share information,
• identify the agencies involved in the exchange, and
• describe the nature of the information exchange.

Project staff developed the JIEM Modeling Tool, a web-based modeling tool and a methodology to capture detailed information regarding the processes, events, agencies, information, and conditions associated with justice information integration. In January 2004, SEARCH released version 3.0 of the JIEM Modeling Tool, which was a vast improvement over the prior versions and provided greatly enhanced functionality and outputs. The new version 3.0 incorporates the JIEM Reference Model version 1.0.1, which supplies jurisdictions with 663 reference exchanges developed from 5 years of research conducted in nearly two-dozen jurisdictions. In addition, the new tool interfaces with the Global Justice XML Data Model (GJXDM), which is another important nationally-supported model that facilitates integration of justice information systems.

SEARCH Justice XML Projects: